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The International Journal of Computing Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT) is a blind peer reviewed print and online international journal that publishes Review/Research articles which contribute new theoretical results in all areas of Computer Science, Communication Network and Information Technology. The aim of the journal is to provide more importace to Education. Science and Technology is the foundation for students at School and College level. This journal provides a platform for exchanging ideas in new emerging trends that needs more focus and exposure and will attempt to publish proposals that strengthen our goals. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Intuitionistic fuzzy systems
  • Artifial Intelligence & Pattern/Image Recognition
  • Neural Network
  • Soft computing
  • Data Base Management Systems (DBMS) & Information Retrieval
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Mobile Agent Computing
  • Possibility Theory, Bayes Network and Hidden Markov Models
  • Models for Authentication, Trust and Authorization
  • Information Hiding
  • E- Commerce
  • Data & System Integrity
  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection
  • Computational Intelligence and Granular Computing
  • Current problems and novel solutions
  • Smart Environments and Applications
  • Systems Security and Privacy
  • Systems Software Engineering
  • Ubiquitous Computing and Applications
  • Vehicular Networks and Applications
  • Digital Image Processing
  • Computer Network and security
  • Data Mining and warehousing
  • Bio Computing and Bioinformatics Techniques
  • Operating Systems
  • Parallel & Distributed Computing

In order to provide a timely and broad coverage of this ever-evolving field, International Journal of Computing Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT) offers its readers a mix of regular and special issues. Papers can be submitted for the regular issues of the journal, or in response to calls for papers for special issues.

International Journal of Computing Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT) employs a paperless, electronic submission and evaluation system to promote a rapid turnaround in the peer review process. Fairness and simplicity of the review process are pursued by traditional and pioneering means, including the possibility of reviewers of accepted papers to disclose their identity and publish a brief commentary together with the article. We are in lthe process of indexing our journal in Scopus and ISI portals.

Publication policy: We aspire to select research paper, through highest quality peer review. To achieve this, the entire peer review and publication process must be thorough, objective, and fair. Almost every aspect of this process involves important ethical policies and decisions, which are seldom explicitly stated and even less often shared with the readership. Journal's reputations depend on the trust of readers, authors, researchers, reviewers, editors, research subjects, funding agencies, and administrators of public health policy. This trust is enhanced by describing as explicitly as possible the journal's policies to ensure the ethical treatment of all participants in the publication process. Publications should strictly seek original work that has not been previously published or currently not under review at another journal/conference.

Plagiarism is the use of other's published and unpublished ideas or words (or other intellectual property) without attribution or permission, and presenting them as new and original rather than derived from an existing source. We strongly discourage and against this ruthless act. Self-plagiarism refers to the practice of an author using portions of their previous writings on the same topic in another of their publications, without specifically citing it formally in quotes.

Frequency: 4 issues per year
ISSN: 2278 – 9669
Subject Category: Computing and Information Technology

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